Vote No May 2 on School Bond

Mike Conlin speaks more eloquently than I do. But we are saying the same things, for the most part. What I think is the most frustrating part of this issue, is all the time I have wasted on something that was ill-conceived and just plain wrong, for students, parents and the community.

Because the School Board had presented its second bad plan for a millage, it makes East Lansing look like it is anti-education when in fact we are anti-stupid!

I would like to see the tax money paid out for promoting this proposal by the district to be paid back. If it means dipping into the the pockets of the School Board, so be it!

The School Board should take the advice of Mr. Conlin and bring a rational two stage proposal to the table. The first would be to upgrade current facilities and second a broader proposal that needs the first part to pass before the second can be considered.

The Board will have to wait a couple of years because it looks like the City will want the voters to vote down their City Income tax idea, possibly next year.

It seems like East Lansing grows more millage proposals than poison ivy. I am getting tired of having to defend my wallet every year against some very bad ideas.

Scott Bame