More on sidewalks and snow

Jim: As a lifelong pedestrian who has lived in East Lansing over 30 years, I can say without hesitation that this has been the worst winter ever for pedestrians in our city. There was just as much snow during many winters in the 1980s, but with a much better outcome for
pedestrians. Picking up on Ruth Beier's entry, one big problem on Sunset was that the plows filled in many spots where sidewalks meet streets. For weeks, we had long stretches of beautiful sidewalk cleared by human muscle, blocked at each end of each city block by piles of snow
from our city's plows. There was one spot where you had to climb over 2 feet of snow and ice to get from the sidewalk in one block to the sidewalk in the next block. The situation was that way for at least two weeks. This said to me that there is NO administrative oversight. The
plows come and then they go and that's that. Even a casual inspection by the bosses would have revealed there was tidying up to do. It is completely unfair and irrational to have our city's huge machines undercutting the hard work of residents using shovels and muscle power.

Best, Richard Hill
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