• Title: re: re: re: Saying Goodbye to East Lansing
  • Author: Roberta McElmurry
  • Date: 09/15/2017
  • Additional Categories: Public Response, Recent Essays

re: re: re: Saying Goodbye to East Lansing

n response to Scott Bame:

Hi Scott. This is Roberta McElmurry. I concur with you 100% however I will not leave East Lansing at this time due to family and business obligations...I will stay and continue to forge ahead in small quiet ways one rational common sense victory at a time. I dont need a pacifier, kleenex, or a mask. I have the same rights in this town as any other tax paying voting legal resident.

I became a 100 % USA citizen when I turned 18. I chose to leave a socialist country with socialized medicine and invasive laws. Now I see it rapidly creeping subtly into our city, state, friends, neighbors, and relatives. I am insulted that someone in my town puts up a sign about hate...if I don't put up the same sign in my yard, does that mean I do hate? It is so negative, inflammatory and accusatory . I personally think the signs if anything should say something positive instead like "Love thy neighbor as thyself " or.."Every life matters"...that is an irrefutable fact.

Fortunately I am old enough that by the time this nice little bedroom community to Michigan State University completely decomposes I probably won't be around any longer! It's time for younger residents to wake up and understand that their futures will be totally different than what they grew up with. I am now unsubscribing from public response..

number one because Jim is gone and number two it makes me so angry when Council members get on this site and start responding. Everything is politically correct..every year more and more edicts, ordinances, bans come out that are in conflict with my basic conservative beliefs. Hiding behind a "declaration " of non.descrimination. shame on you...the very actions which council takes are discriminating against another "class" ..the thought police are very much alive and active in the "Greater Republic of East Lansing". I am sad.

A bientot.. Beannachd leibh...Guid cheerio the nou...adieu...


Roberta McElmurry