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I would like to say that I agree with Elliot Singer in his assessment of the current project he refers to. Brownfield properties just push the financial breaks towards the developer and the actual residents of East Lansing will end up paying more taxes for it long term. Where is the information in the Dialogue - it would be nice to have more of these multiple projects in the works put out there for consideration. Who is really gaining from these proposed developments? Plans for this summer will end up closing all small businesses downtown. Will they be able to recover from the economic loss or is that the goal to get rid of small business entrepreneurs? I am really tired of having large outside interests coming into our city and then vacating when the project is done. Don't use the eyesore that was built near Frandor as one of your goals. It is so ugly. And I am ashamed that it can be seen from the highway. Looking at the street scape driving along the main corridor in downtown East Lansing disgusts me - it is gradually becoming a cement corridor on the north side because commissions considering it did not insist on a bit of green between the sidewalk and the building. I also fault the planning department - where are the guidelines now - I don't see anything that has to do with beauty, streetscape view, ambience, a place that one would like to visit. The corridor of East Lansing is slowly becoming an eyesore, not from the empty storefronts so much as the unsightly blocks of cement that are replacing them. Perhaps you would like for all of us to move out .........then you would have more room to build more office and rental space.

I for one, am also annoyed that the city of East Lansing had to once again state that it was not going to go along with current federal administration in regards to illegal immigration into our country, county, or city. I for one am offended ......the Mayor's remarks make me question whether he represents me as a resident of the city - Of course we want anyone who is legally here! I don't give a %%%what country, religion or belief.......... Why wouldn't we want them??? I am also an immigrant and I had to get my citizenship just like everyone who is a citizen from some other country. Pleeeze - I am insulted that anyone would think that citizens of East Lansing are associated with this attitude that our own city council had to voice the "political correct" thing once again -- how many times now have you said this? To assume that any one in our city including myself would not want persons from other countries who come here legally to be welcome! It angers me and I am insulted as a citizen of the city to think that it had to be spelled out. Give good people who live here a little bit of credit! I hope you reconsider or become more fiscally stingy with how our tax dollars are spent. I am not impressed at this point and I have watched you for 26+ years as a permanent resident. Thanks for your time.

Roberta M. McElmurry
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