Dangerous Sidewalks Repair Budget

Sidewalk Repair Costs: To PDF

Attached is what appears to be the total expenditures for dangerous sidewalks for the new fiscal year, less than $30,000.

Getting rid of Scene/Metrospace and renting out that space under the ugly garage would double the amount available. I've forgotten how much the total was for the infrastructure for Ann/Albert/Grove -- something close to $2 million -- for which there has never been provided the slightest evidence the developers could not have turned an adequate profit paying for it themselves and paying taxes -- "maximizing developers' returns"
was the only excuse given.

There will be about $1.1 million in savings on debt service after October 2016. That money will not go to the DDA for pet projects or to the parking system for what it thinks is more important than neighborhood infrastructure.

Sidewalk Repair Costs: To PDF


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05/14/13 East Lansing City Council Work Session

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Mostly a report from Bob Scheuerman (staff) who briefly describes three projects, names contractors awarded the work, and dollar amounts for each project. No real discussion between council members about the sidewalk situation in the neighborhoods.
Duration: 12 minutes
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