Rental Property Income Information (per City Assessor)

I am attaching 3 PDF pages, one a list of rental houses with monthly rent, one showing a map with all rentals and rents, the other showing a map with rental houses and rents.

This was presented at a Council work session last year, but there was no public discussion. I had made a mental note at the time that this was useful information, but did not follow through. Given the parking ordinances and various other issues related to rentals, I thought this information should be made available. Thanks to City Assessor, David Lee, for promptly sending me the documents upon request.

The list of monthly rents does not include the major apartment complexes, including those with high rents. Some of that information is available without too much effort, and we should look at that, although I do not have time to dig for it at present (some of it is looking at ads).

Residential Rental and GRM Analysis

Rental Income Boundaries

Rental Income Response Map for 2012


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