Bailey Neighborhood: Property Values and Fences

I refer the reader to Cindy Herfindahl's recent posting ( "...the solution just causes more problems? and to Brian Hagan's explanation of
proposed Ordinance 1287 ( He describes
the unintended consequences of passing such a city ordinance.

I have added three images below of poorly maintained fences from owner occupied homes in the Bailey Neighborhood. These are not images from rental units but from owner occupied property within the neighborhood. These poorly maintained homes are one reason why median property values in the city are falling and will continue to do so.

These images illustrate the decay in the Bailey Neighborhood, and throughout the city. While
trying to place blame on the student housing property owners (landlords), it is clear that the vocal residents
(see are mistakenly focused upon
developing further rental property punitive restrictions (fences) which will certainly only add to higher student
rents and contribute further to the run down appearance of the Bailey Neighborhood.

Enjoy these images,

Bailey Neighborhood Fencing1 2013

Bailey Neighborhood Fencing2 2013

Bailey Neighborhood Fencing3 2013