"The Only Dance There Is" - Ram Das

Wow. A bar concept in Florida that could have Triplett and Singer at the same table.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Sneaky Pere’s restaurant in Bonita Springs has a packed dance floor with, “A band called The Hype blasting “Mustang Sally” and “Louie Louie” and the dancers singing along, hands in the air, booties shaking, bodies sweating. Almost all are well over 60. Some are past 70. They dance for hours.”

Not all Florida retirees go dancing, of course, but with baby boomers retiring, crowds are getting big.

Some are singles doing things they haven't done since high school, this time without parental guidance. Some women show up in slinky black dresses, sequins and plunging necklines, although many others are in pants. Men lean toward T-shirts, Aloha shirts, shorts and jeans. To attract older dancers, some clubs offer music at 6 p.m. or earlier and advertise early-bird dinners.

People say they get tired of feeling old. They hit the Sandy Parrot, the Stage, the Blue Martini and the Parrot Key. A dance is held Sundays at the Bonita Springs Elks Lodge, regularly drawing 200 dancers, almost all well over 60. The jammed parking lot ranges from pickup trucks to yellow sports cars. Some bars have expanded or brought in more bands.


Imagine a bar in downtown East Lansing carding for those under 60! It would fit in nicely near a university supported retirement center…


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