City Council to discuss "Park District" RFQP on Tuesday, Oct. 9

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Dear East Lansing Citizens Concerned friends,

This message is about two important meetings this week: the City Council meeting on Tuesday and the next meeting of the East Lansing Citizens Concerned on Thursday, October 11 at 7:00 at the East Lansing Public Library. A separate message about the Thursday meeting will follow!

At its Work Session this upcoming Tuesday, October 9, the East Lansing City Council is scheduled to discuss the Draft Request for Qualifications Proposal (RFQP) for the Park District Planning Area.

The “Park District Planning Area” is the term now being used to describe the City-owned properties that were included in the former City Center II footprint.

I hope you will attend the Tuesday meeting if you care about this issue! This topic is scheduled for 8:45. Come earlier if you wish to speak; the comment period is the first item on the agenda at 7:00.

We have been waiting for this draft RFQP to be released so the community can have the opportunity to provide input, since how this document is put together can have a significant impact on the proposals that developers will put forward in response.

The draft RFQP may be made available ahead of the meeting. Look for “Attachment I” (i.e. following “Attachment H”) in the “Packet” for the Council meeting of October 9 at this URL:City Council Agenda - Minutes (select page 2). It may be uploaded to the City website on Monday or Tuesday.

We do not know when the Council will vote on the RFQP; it could be as soon as its next meeting, October 16, of they may wait until after the Downtown Development Authority’s next scheduled meeting on October 25. City staff have said they want to have this document approved by the end of October.

To discuss your reactions to the RFQP and how we can encourage meaningful community input, please also attend the Thursday meeting of EL Citizens Concerned!


Chris (Root)