Question for the 16 Candidates -for city council appointment

Sixteen people have applied for the City Council seat vacated by Power's resignation, and City Council will do the interviews on Saturday, allow public comment on Saturday, and move to make a selection on Tuesday, September 18. I think there are some big questions left to be answered about the process and the applicants, so I sent the following to the mayor, but i have yet to hear back from her. I am particularly concerned about item #2 -- potential competing interests. Given the timeframe, there is no way those of us who are watchdogs in this town can do enough research fast enough to find out what we would probably want to know about all of these applicants. I therefore welcome applicants themselves to answer, on PR, the question implied in my message to the mayor:

Candidates for council: What are the sources of income in your household? (No need to specify amounts, just sources.) What other potential competing financial interests should we know about? What non-financial potential competing interests do you have -- for example, what organizations or boards, which might have business before City Council, do you belong to and/or represent on occasion?

My inquiry to the mayor follows:

Dear Mayor Goddeeris,

I am contacting you on behalf of our local citizens' news cooperative with the following questions regarding the selection of a new Council member, as you are the mayor and media contact on this issue. Since selection will happen quickly, we would appreciate a fast response to these three questions:

1. What do you think are the biggest issues facing City Council in the next year -- the issues you'll be thinking about as you choose a new member of Council?

2. What are you doing to find out about candidates' potential competing financial interests and other types of potential competing interests?

3. You have 16 applicants. How will you manage this time-wise next Saturday in terms of the interviews and public comments, so that the public knows when to expect to be allowed to comment? (It seems unlikely that many citizens will want or be able to sit through 16 interviews to wait for the opportunity to comment.)


Alice Dreger
editor in chief of ELi

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