• Title: "Let's provide a framework for developers..."
  • Author: Richard Hill-Rowley
  • Date: 11/09/2010
  • Additional Categories: Abbott Grove -2010, Recent Essays

"Let's provide a framework for developers..."

Let me endorse Bert Seyfarth’s comments about the need to revisit CCII. The new proposal for the “property across the street” once again emphasizes the need for the East Lansing community as a whole to think creatively about what this part of the city should look like. New development needs to enhance East Lansing as a sustainable, walkable community with opportunities for a population getting older and a surge of new people starting their work life. We should use Valley Court Park as the core of this development and make it as Bert suggests the “dynamic one of a kind central urban space” it can be. This doesn’t mean compromising access to park with townhouses. The economic outlook may still be uncertain but some are thinking about the Next Real Estate Boom. Yes, I know that sounds preposterous but read the attached article by Christopher Leinberger (urban planner from Ann Arbor on leave at Brookings) who is making the case that cities like ours are where new investments will be made and what these investments will look like. He is telling us that the action will be in places like East Lansing. Let’s provide a framework for developers so we can take full advantage of new opportunities without the damaging influence of old rules and old ways of thinking.

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