Tell Your Story!

I hope the interview with Brian Mishler is helpful. If Penelope Tsernoglou wishes an interview too, I would be glad to offer her an opportunity for a fair interview. I believe I serve everyone, including myself, best if I try to help each person I interview to get their comments expressed. I do edit. This is to take out mis-speaks and repetitive statements (mostly by me) and bring a concise message to you.

If others who are candidates wish to be interviewed, let me know. I will then post a reminder to the opponent that they can be interviewed, too.

In this format, I am not worried about equal time. I am concerned that each candidate's positions are expressed clearly. So it is best for the candidate to say what is important with the fewest words. Shorter interviews are listened to more often then long interviews. This does not mean that statements should be sound bites. On the other hand thinking along the lines of the Lincoln/Douglas debates is not a good idea.

These interviews should be longer than 5 minutes and less than 10 minutes.

Jim Cuddeback ( is still working some bumps out when publishing audio, so for now let's keep it to local candidates who have trouble getting their message out because the state candidates are hogging all the broadcast time.

Thank you Jim for your generosity in allowing audio interviews on Public Response.

Scott Boehme

* Please include "interview" in subject line, just in case the Spam filters get you. I always check the trash before deleting. And let Jim know, just as an additional backup. We don't want to miss anyone who wishes an interview.