New to Michigan Politics -Taking Responsibility

I think we can all agree that one of the reasons why people are so anxious about what the Governor is doing is because we haven’t seen anything like it before in Michigan. Fine, Engler screwed some things up. So did Granholm, Blanchard, and every elected official who has ever held public office. The blame game needs to stop. Accountability is something that has been very important to me and any employment that I have had. Governor Snyder doesn’t sit around saying “Granholm did this, Granholm did that” (which by the way is much unlike what the previous Governor did, blaming her faults at first on Engler and then on then President Bush). No, Governor Snyder is doing what nearly 70% of the electorate mandated and that was to change the establishment. There needs to be a major shakeup in how things are done in this state, both fiscally and our basic way of governance. Fault can be placed on the administrations of every previous governor for the last 30 years, regardless of political party.

Governor Snyder, while not my choice for Governor is doing what he was mandated to do. This state is broken but not yet beyond repair. Will some fixing hurt, yes, like most surgeries to repair an injury there will be some pain and some recovery time. Like most surgeries the results will not be instantaneous, but through rehabilitation the results will be seen down the road. While I disagree with those who wish to return to the ways of the past and attempt to recall the Governor, I believe that if there was not a “recall movement”, then the Governor truly wasn’t who he said he was, someone who was going to change the way Lansing politicians do business. I think that those “establishment, let’s keep doing things the way we always used to” folks are ironically anti-change and hope for a better future.

I hate to break it to Ms. Floyd and other anti-employment citizens, but the Governor is not simply out to help corporations or the wealthy. Not to break things down too simply, but CEO’s and stock holders, boards of directors and CFO’s are wealthy individuals and amazingly they create jobs. I know it can be tough to believe that a windmill can only hire so many people, but tax breaks for companies who reinvest in Michigan actually create more jobs. I know that Ms. Floyd is yet another “blamer of previous administrations” (i.e. her sentence talking about trickledown economics and the current deficit) but as anti-business as one wants to be, facts do not lie and those states with the least amount of regulations and least amount of income taxes are those with a greater employment outlook.

Ms. Floyd and I do agree that insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result; which is exactly what Michigan has been doing for the last 20 years. The first and most important thing any citizen can do, is get involved in your LOCAL community. Donate. Volunteer. Help your neighbor, don’t just expect to pay more taxes and have the problem taken care of! This allows the institutions to become corrupted regardless of party! Secondly, we need to end term-limits in this state. Everyone is out for their own benefit for however long an elected official can hold their respective office. Say what you want about the good ‘ole boy system of the past, but they compromised and got things done!

Whether Governor Snyder is going to be out of office in a month or in seven more years he is unabashedly holding himself accountable. He alone did not cause the problems our state faces, but at least he is taking responsibility for it, at least he is doing SOMETHING to change the broken system…isn’t that what you liberals wanted in 2008 anyway? Change? Clearly change is not always good depending on whose lawn you are standing in…

-Brett A. Gillespie
Meridian Township